How To Not Suck At A Maid Of Honor Speech

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Published: 25th January 2011
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Last summer I was in my best friend's wedding and since I was the Maid of Honor, I had to give a speech. I absolutely hate giving speeches and I knew I wanted to bless my best friend, so I had to do a good job with speaking in front of a few hundred people. How do you get over your fears so that you can give a great speech? Some speeches are funny and there are other people who seem like they can pull of the best maid of honor speech without one single issue. For me I have always had problems speaking in front of people, especially people I do not know. Since I was the maid of honor, I knew I could not screw this up, so I did a little research on how to write the best maid of honor speech.
First I did a lot of research online for sites that gave ideas on how to write your first maid of honor speech. For me this was my first speech and I had no idea where to start. Here is a short list on how you can write the best maid of honor speech ever.
1. First start off by writing down as many memories and fun times you had with your best friend. This is usually easy, especially if you have been lifelong friends, or if you are sisters.
2. Second, try to remember a few funny stories or embarrassing incidents that you can use. These short and funny stories can help spice up your maid of honor speech.
3. Third, start writing your speech from beginning to end and try to keep it no longer than 3 minutes. I found that if you speak longer than just a few minutes you will begin to lose the crowd or people will start to get bored of you speaking. Remember this isn't your wedding, but your best friend's wedding, so be sure to keep all of the focus on her.
Once you start writing your speech out, be sure that you memorize what you want to say. What I found that helped was going over my speech many times. I did not use note cards or even said my maid of honor speech from memory. These exercises helped me greatly and allowed me to speak from the heart. If you memorize your speech or read it from a note card, it will sound boring and not from the heart. Since you are saying good things about your best friend, it should be easy to figure out a three minute maid of honor speech. Follow these steps and you will do well.

Giving a maid of honor speech can be intimidating, unless if you prepare for it. I planned my maid of honor speech a month before I had to give it, which helped calm my nerves.

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